About The Mom

My name is Elizabeth and I am a mom, but I have been a school psychologist longer. I Love my job. It lets me work with  teachers and parents to help children reach their full potential. When I sit in meetings, I am assumed to be the expert on child development in the room.

And then I had a baby.

So, instead of taking everything in stride and going with the flow, I researched every last detail about motherhood and infants until I thought my head would explode. Thankfully, it is still intact. I have learned that I can do research on baby sleep until I am blue in the face, but none of it makes much difference if I am not available to my daughter and fully present as a mother. This blog is my journey into motherhood as I try to shrug off the “expert” and just be the best mom I can be.

Connect with me at www.elizabethashleyherman.com


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